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#REVIEW Irizar S.Coop. colaborará con la Fundación Baltistán en la financiación de diversos programas por un importe de 15.000 €. El dinero se utilizará para impulsar el emprendizaje y financiará varios programas casi en su totalidad | @BaltistanFund

El primero versará sobre el emprendizaje social y económico, y se impartirán varios cursillos tanto para hombres como para mujeres, en tres localidades del Valle. Se selecionará a emprendedores de todos las comunidades.

A continuación se organizarán talleres sobre elaboración de planes de negocio, y se desarrollarán las propuestas nacidas en los cursos anteriores, identificando oportunidades y desarrollando estrategias de negocio. Estos talleres se desarrollarán tambien en tres localidades diferentes.

Finalmente se organizarán actividades para acercar el mundo cooperativo a las mujeres. Se ofrecerán conocimientos y posibilidades de simular prácticas en diferentes puestos de trabajo. Con la intención de impulsar la economía social se ofrecerá un local durante un año a las que tras haber pasado por los cursos anteriores quieran probar poniendo en marcha alguna propuesta. El coste total del programa es de 16.644 € que financia Irizar S.Coop. casi en su totalidad.

Fundación Baltistán Fundazioa

#REVIEW Irizar S.Coop-ek hainbat egitasmo lagunduko ditu 15000 eurorekin. Diru hau pertsonen ekintzailetasuna bultzatzeko erabiliko da, eta hainbat atal finantzatuko ditu ia bere osotasunean | @BaltistanFund

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Failed industrialisation: Luxury buses going extinct as prices rise above N150m | @NigeriaTodayNG, Moses Akaigwe

@NigeriaTodayNG, Moses Akaigwe http://www.nigeriatoday.ng/2017/08/failed-industrialisation-luxury-buses-going-extinct-as-prices-rise-above-n150m/

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«A survey of the bus market and the relevant transport segment showed that well equipped new coaches built on the popular Mercedes-Benz engine/chassis and those from another respected brand, Scania, cost between N140 million and N150 million, to put on the road. The calculation includes the ex-factory cost, freight, bank charges, duty and insurance for buses built by Marcopolo and Irizar on Mercedes-Benz 0500 engine/chassis or Scania’s 360. The visible result is that the transporters, particularly those hitherto operating only luxury bus fleets, have either resorted to purchasing the cheaper Chinese versions, with unpleasant consequences or turned to mini buses (used in many parts of the world for less tasking purposes like shuttle services and light cargo deliveries). Lamenting the “dire situation” in which the transporters have found themselves over the soaring prices of luxury buses, the President of the Association of Luxury Bus Owners (ALBON), Sir Dan Okemuo, said only a couple of members of the association have been able procure new buses in the past few years.»

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@ScaniaAustralia ongoing stock school/charter program with Volgren and Irizar has proven to be very popular with operators | @ABCmag


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«Scania’s fleet management system has given workshops the ability to request downloads of engine vehicle data from the factory – normally responding within 24 hours for the request being put through. “This has enabled more accurate diagnostics of fault-finding, allowing for our service vans or regional dealers to be better prepared to support our clients if any issues should arise,” Bus division of Scania Australia manager Julian Gurney says. “Our parts department has been very proactive in addressing the competitive nature of the after-market suppliers, providing operators with unbeatable peace of mind when they fit genuine OEM equipment at extremely competitive prices.” Going forward, Scania’s full range of Euro 5 and Euro 6 chassis in city bus, school, charter and coach applications are available for sale to all Australian bus and coach operators, and Scania continues to support the Australian body building industry. “The majority of vehicles are built at Volgren, Express Bus & Coach, Coach Design and Coach Concepts,” Gurney says. “Our ongoing stock school/charter program with Volgren and Irizar has proven to be very popular with operators as it has allowed for a reduction in order-to-delivery time for new vehicles.”» (Australasian Bus and Coach: Analysis - Chassis market update)

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First Scania Irizar i-Skools delivered | @CBWtweets


2017 Scania Irizar i4, 80 Seater Saloon Coach, the newest addition to the fleet, brand new and delivered on Wednesday 14th June 2017 (Brochure) | @AusdenClark


Irizar makes electric gains with number of Spanish cities | @busandcoach_com


Irizar UK is the first dealership to bring a hybrid coach to the UK market | Tim Deakin, @routeoneteam


Eagle Coaches flies back to Irizar for outstanding service | Irizar UK

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Intercape (@IntercapeBus) has re-introduced the Harare-Cape Town service due to public demand | @ChronicleZim, @Kiyaz_Cool

Irizar i6 de 15 m for Intercape - Press release

Irizar i6 de 15 m for Intercape

Intercape I6 Launch | Johann Ferreira @Intercapebus

Our vehicles | Intercape (@IntercapeBus)

The story of Irizar and Intercape (@IntercapeBus) | Gavin Myers @FOCUSmagSA

El Fórmula 1 de la Escuela de Ingeniería de Bilbao @fsbizkaia logra cuatro premios en Silverstone #FSS2017. Irizar es uno de sus sponsors

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#Irizar | TheLowCVP (Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership) (@theLowCVP)

Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership: ELIPTIC - UK eBus Summit. Electric Buses in London.

«Colin Gerald of TfL gives a comprehensive overview of all the various electric buses that have been on trial in London over the last few years, including Optare, BYD, Irizar and ADL.

The presentation includes a look at some of the trial data from the plug-in hybrid "Virtual Electric" ADL double decks which use inductive charging to recharge their batteries at the beginning and end of the route.

The presentation took place on the 10th November 2016 at the UK eBus Summit held in Holborn, London.

The presentation slides can be downloaded via the LowCVP website here: [TheLowCVP] [pdf]

To find out more about the eLIPTIC project please visit: http://www.eliptic-project.eu»

This is a bus | Scania Group (@ScaniaGroup)

«As the world’s population grows, more people are flocking to cities to work and to live. Consequently, pollution and traffic congestion are stealing hours of productivity and reducing the quality of life for millions. Unless we act now, moving people in and between urban areas will be even harder tomorrow.

Take Co2ntrol. Right here. Right now.»

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The New Enlightenment: A Twenty First Century Peaceful American Revolution. Robert Bivona. Book.

Worker Cooperatives and Revolution: History and Possibilities in the United States. Christopher Wright. Master Thesis and Book

«The performance of successful cooperatives (for instance, Irizar) has increased after been exposed to a more competitive global environment». Anastassios Gentzoglanis

Cooperación, comunicación, participación... Estrategia de Irizar

#review #histoire d'#Irizar Irizar-Maghreb démarre | @Leconomiste_ Pascale Bourgaux

Una forma posible de resumir el modelo Irizar es este esquema en flecha

#Marca #Tecnología #Sostenibilidad, los 3 ejes del avance de Irizar Group

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A Urnieta, el aula #TI itinerante instalada en un Irizar #OrainGipuzkoa #Orona #programación #videojuegos #scratch

Irizar Awarded Contract For Madrid’s First 15 eBuses 20 m + Barna’s First 4 Articulated Buses 18 m

Mallorca prueba con Irizar su primer autobús 100% eléctrico interurbano #Calvià #Alcúdia

Barcelona contará con cuatro autobuses eléctricos articulados de #Irizar #Aduna | @Emovilidad

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lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

[video] Buses breaking rank | @ScaniaGroup on YouTube #IrizarGroup

Buses breaking rank | Scania Group (@ScaniaGroup) with Irizar Group

Irizar—The biggest bus manufacturer in Spain | Changzhou Haochen (@cnhaochenMM)

How Much Knowledge know in Irizar I6 | Changzhou Haochen (@cnhaochenMM)

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El aula móvil #TI de @Kode_Eskola instalada en un Irizar visitó Bergara

Irizar se une al Super Amara Bera Bera (@BalonmaBeraBera)

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El autobus eléctrico de Irizar | @Teknopolis_etb

Los autobuses eléctricos de Irizar i2e en Londres | Foro Coches Eléctricos (@foroelectricos), Sergio Fernández

Irizar Battery Electric Buses In London | CityTransportInfo (@citytransportin)